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Led by internet pioneers, Elizabeth Osder and Joanne Laipson, we pride ourselves on no-nonsense consulting, the hallmark of which are in-depth, deep-dive engagements that cover critical ground quickly and efficiently.


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Elizabeth is a bright and astute observer of trends in the media market and possesses the rare blend of strategic vision and tactical insight.

Arnie Gullov Singh

Executive Vice President, Fox Audience Network
Elizabeth is a living web solution in search of a problem. Whatever challenge or issue your current or future website may have, she will identify it, create a strategy to address it and solve it. Her expertise in multiple areas of web development and strategy is unparalleled in an industry rife with intelligent people. Simply put: she is a lifeline for any web business in search of success.

Allen Weiner

Vice President, Research, Gartner, Inc.

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