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There are few digital teams which have the hands-on breadth & depth of experience as The Osder Group. Led by internet pioneer Elizabeth Osder, we work quickly & efficiently to provide expert perspective & guidance on critical path issues.

Investors and Startups

Knowing how to play the game makes you smarter at placing your bets. We’ve helped investors and startups tune product market fit, pitch their business plans and shape their go-to-market strategy.

Leadership Development

When you’ve built as many teams as we have, you have deep relationships and a keen interest in professional development. We delight in strategizing and mentoring clients through key decision points in professional development.

Industry Sectors

Who we work with

  • Start-Ups and Investors
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Non-Profit Media
  • Saas Technologies

Recent Projects

Gigs we’ve done

  • Investors Looking to Understand Markets
  • Packaging Companies for Investor Pitches & Sale
  • Leadership Teams Preparing Board Presentation
  • Professional and Career Development
  • Start-Ups Navigating Go-to-Market Challenges

Coaching, investment and strategic advisory services for new ventures, investors, executives and entrepreneurs.

Experience Matters, Use it

Coaching, investment and strategic advisory services for new ventures, investors, executives and entrepreneurs.

Experience Matters, Use it

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Client Testimonials

There are very few in the internet community who have it all. Elizabeth Osder does. She combines an audacious strategic vision with pragmatic technological solutions. Elizabeth worked with us at a critical time for our mission and work. Her deep understanding of our 143- year journalistic mission and history was an integral part of our successful work to develop Nation 2.0.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Editor & Publisher, The Nation
Working with Elizabeth has been both comforting and clarifying. She has been an able translator between the worlds of old and new media and has helped clarify our goals, identify our strategy and defined next steps for our site.

Joni Evans

CEO, WowOwow
Elizabeth understands the content industry from all sides, both on the creative and business side, a perspective sorely needed in these times. Elizabeth’s diligence on seeing her projects through helped our resource-strapped small company a lot.

Rafat Ali

Founder & CEO Skift
Elizabeth is genius at all things Internet. She is practical, efficient and focused, with a reverence for our journalistic mission. Her counsel has been crucial to the launch and development of ProPublica.org.

Paul Steiger

Editor, ProPublica
Elizabeth has made invaluable recommendations about our digital strategy. Few people can better tether together where the media has been, where it is now and where it is going. I am grateful for her council in navigating these challenges.

Bill Moyers

Journalist & Producer
Elizabeth is an accomplished professional who knows how to draw on all her areas of editing and on- line expertise.. She is excellent at adjusting to the special requirements of each project and tailoring her advice to work creatively with the team in place.

Tina Brown

Founder & Editor, The Daily Beast
Many claim to be pioneers in online news but Elizabeth Osder is a true pathfinder. She has worked on the future of news from every possible angle — portal, news provider, technologist — and can bring invaluable perspective and ideas to anyone trying to navigate the new world of media, news, and marketing online.

Jeff Jarvis

Director, Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at CUNY's Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism

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