Our engagements are highly customized to meet our clients’ needs, however we, in most cases, follows a consistent five step methodology designed to create timely, effective, and efficient solutions for its clients. This iterative approach provides a solid foundation for delivery of solutions in manageable stages.

Our Methodology includes:


The goal of the Discovery stage is to identify and understand every factor that may impact a project. These factors include the client’s core business, stakeholder goals, value proposition, competition, marketing strategies, objectives, structure and market positioning.


Using the information collected during the Discovery stage, The Osder Group will then define a strategic approach to meet project goals and objectives. During this stage, strategic, financial and technical requirements may be defined including formalizing Market Requirements Documents (MRD) and initial Product Requirements Documents (PRD).


Following the Discovery stage, the Design phase can include a number of key product development initiatives including user-experience design, creative identity, information architecture, system architecture and functional specification. A comprehensive design phase would include detailed product and functional requirements and final mocks.


During the Develop stage, The Osder Group works with creative, editorial, marketing and technical teams to develop an site, application or solution. We also work to design and develop the teams to optimize and maintain solutions including full operating plans including editorial, programming, staffing and organizational design.

Deploy and Optimize

The Deploy stage of the project includes final client review, delivery, and launch of sites but more importantly attention to ongoing maintenance and optimization including audience development, workflow and marketing programs.. Depending on the solution, delivery may include training sessions and user and technical documentation. The Osder Group can also assist with enterprise-wide communications, rollout plans, and user information kits as required.

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