Matt Heidkamp provides project management support for The Osder Group in New York City. As our resident millennial, he helps keep us on track and our clients informed. A passionate writer and budding product manager, Matt specializes in connecting the dots between content, marketing and ecommerce. An Osder Group veteran, (after several years of interning) he has recently joined the team.


After graduating college with a degree in political science with a concentration in communications, Matt quickly became immersed in producing content for small businesses and digital publishers. In 2012, he joined NYC creative agency KodeZero, working as an editorial producer for their online magazine, Citizen Brooklyn, and coordinating content and branding projects for clients like Orta Anadolu, The Global Odyssey, and Urban Zen by Donna Karan. In addition, Matt led the development and launch of the firm’s ecommerce site.

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