Kris Goodfellow joins the Osder Group after 10 years of experience in product management and 15 years of experience in information design. She brings this unique combination of skills together to help develop exciting and innovative products in industries heavy in data, but weak on usability.

Kris has been an advisor and consultant to VoyagerGIS, a startup search company that handles spatial data natively. She has helped the company to grow the product management team, systems and develop a support infrastructure. For six years, Kris was vice president for product management at Realtor Property Resource (and Cyberhome, a division of Lender Processing Services).

In June 2009, Cyberhome was named the best online real estate site by the National Association of Real Estate Editors. Prior to joining Cyberhome, Kris worked in information design in both software and journalism.

For five years, she worked for ESRI, a maker of geographic information systems. She was the creative director for the ArcWeb Services team overseeing the creation of MapShop, an online map-making tool used by USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, The San Francisco Chronicle and The Philadelphia Inquirer among others. She also worked with CBS news on the elections of 2004 and with the city of New York during the recovery following 9/11.

Kris started her career working in the newspaper graphics department at the Chicago Tribune. While director of graphics at the Associated Press, she grew the team to 30 and expanded online graphics and coverage on four continents.

Kris was also a graphics editor at the New York Times, where she worked in Science Times, Business Day, Circuits and the International section. She also worked in design and graphics at the National Geographic covering the city of New Orleans following Katrina and the 50-year anniversary of man’s first space mission, among others.

During her time in journalism, she won numerous awards for her work; has contributed to several books on information design and has been a lecturer at universities and conferences in Europe and the United States.

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